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Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge

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Four-week challenge going from May 25-June 22nd. Teams of at least three players will receive points for individual tasks like exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and acts of kindness.  This challenge will take place on Converge Billings, your local social media network, and culminate on June 22nd with an obstacle course and concert.

Here's the steps to compete in the wellness challenge:

  1. Go to Converge Billings and click on create an account in the top right corner.
  2. Then, create a profile and follow the onboarding steps.
  3. During the onboarding, join the Public Network called, (Billings Area), join any groups you're interested in, set notification preferences, and then press the button, "get started now!"
  4. Once you're in the Converge Billings network, on the side bar, you will see COMPETITION. Beneath the COMPETITION tab, there is a tab that says MY TEAM. Here, you can either join a team or create a new one and invite team members.

The Wellness Challenge won’t be uploaded until a week before it starts on May 25th. You will receive a notice at that time with an instructional video for how the challenge operates.

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